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December 18

Brown Mamorated Stink Bug

MPI continues to strictly enforce monitoring of shipments from Italy and USA

Full Containers with shipments classed as machinery or vehicles are subject to controls.

Under the new rules, all new and used cars, trucks, machinery, boats and parts imported from the United States must be heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide before being shipped to New Zealand.

If not, Containers must be inspected and during the season (April to September)

LCL shipments are subject to MPI inspection at our CFS and require a BACC to release, this may slow down the release of cargo

We have found that rather than fumigate in Italy, it is slightly cheaper for MPI inspection costs than fumigation costs in Italy for Full Containers

Extract of MPI web site:

“Goods in containers

Vehicles and machinery shipped as FCL (full container load) and FCX (full container load from multiple suppliers) must meet the same requirements as break bulk goods.

If loaded on or after 1 September 2017 and before 30 April 2018 for Italy and all year round for the USA, they must be treated before they arrive, or on arrival. This applies to all target goods except those under MPI-approved safeguarding arrangements.

Containerised goods may be treated up to 21 days before they are shipped.

FCL/FCX containerised vehicles and machinery that arrive untreated will be:
•allowed discharge to the wharf if the seals are intact
•moved to a transitional facility for mandatory treatment.

All containerised goods from Hungary, Italy, and the USA are at risk of carrying BMSB and may be inspected during the BMSB season.”




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